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Monday, September 5, 2011

符杰荣 [我以为]

The “Singing School Teacher” Foo Jierong 符杰荣 holds an NTU/NIE B.A in Education with over 6 years of experience teaching in schools. His love and passion for music has recently given him an opportunity to work with music maestros Lee Weisong, Jim Lim and Jay Lim to record a Chinese album which launched on 01 September 2011 (Teachers’ Day). 

Being a passionate educator as well, Jierong would like very much to share his musical journey with the youths of today and be a role model in promoting language and mathematics education.


符杰荣 [我以为]

空荡的房间  弥漫的气味
昨日的缠绵  现在只剩思念

心里的抱歉  希望你能听见
所有的亏欠   都留给时间

爱情的标签  总有时限

我以为  牵着手  就能到永远
童话里  的故事  不都有完美结尾?

相信我  从没有  真正放弃过
怪自己懦弱  从没说

你是我心里  所有

Group photo at Album Launch Party on 01 September 2011 at K Union (Teachers’ Day)

Grab the album from CD Rama NOW!!!!!

Ms. W

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