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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday with Food

Weekend is always a fruitful ones...
bit of ups and down sometimes,
but the accompaniment of the love makes the day worth...

31 July 2010

1. FuZhou Oyster Cake @ Maxwell Food Centre.

A nice delicate deep fried Oyster cake with a full filling of meat and oyster.

2. Curry Chicken noodle @ Maxwell Food Centre

Not-So-Spicy Curry Chicken Noodle (doesn't suit me much)

3. K-Ki Sweets @ Ann Siang Hill

a. Souffle Cheesecake S$5.50
Extremely soft souffle with a thick cheese taste and smell

b. Kinabalu S$ 8.00
Strong taste and smell of Passion fruit, with sour layers of passion fruit mousse in between of sweet cream, completed with a bitter coffee/chocolate at the bottom part of the cake.

Make our way to Marina Bay Sands, it is our first attempt on that place.
I don't want to say that it is not a nice place, coz different people have different preference.... but for me, It is not as sophisticated as what i thought of.

Crowded... Under construction and noisy place i can say.....

Oh well, this is what we have...

1/2 Pounder burger...

Oh so nice.. Free soft ice-cream..

Authentic Wendy's wrapper
Cheese and Cheese oh so warm baked potato..

It's all only at Free-Flood Wendy's!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Studio Shoot + K-Ki

~ Linshan ~

Been a super tiring day today, but i feel so happy, i tried my 1st studio

shoot and it goes on well, tiring, exciting, learn a lot of things from the studio man.

Went to this place after photo-shoot to try their cake.

~ K-Ki Sweets ~

1. Antoinette - S$8

Looks: Clean, fresh, with pistachio and ginger candy on top.

Taste: Milky taste with smooth mango fil

ling. Fresh and light taste.

*Light milky taste, Best choice.

2. Cafe Dumo - S$8

Looks: Round ‘Dome’, chocolate layers around. Simple yet elegant.

Taste: Many layers - Choco mousse, choco palette, sweet hazelnut filling. Coffee bitter and fragrance.

*Heavy coffee smell and taste.

3. Mona - S$7.50

Looks: Leaves look, with Full dark chocolate mousse.

Taste: Chocolate Banana - Rich Dark chocolate, mousse, sugar and nuts and banana.

*Too bitter for sweet lover, but if you like dark chocolate, this will be the choice you should make.

Small friendly touch of thought on the cake, friendly boss (advise me on which cake to taste first), Modern minimalist design of the store and all other furniture.


  • Bright place, suitable for tea-time and reading.


  • 7 Ann Siang Hill

Opening Hours:

  • Daily 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Saturday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Monday CLOSE


KKi - Sweets


Ms. W

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Universal Studio, Singapore

~ USS Carpark ~

After a minor presentation in class today, me, some of my classmates and schoolmates went for a Universal Studio Singapore industrial visit planned by our school.

USS staffs arrange us for the visit to costume department and have a look over how they manage all the costume,repair, design, etc etc.

We weare invited for a free “Monster Rocks” in one of their theatre as well. Meet the 2 Hollywood Directors and have a 15 mins freetime to walk around, but don’t manage to walk far, only to the shop beside the theatre.

I wana go there again soon.


Ms. W

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Photoshoot 2 - Anggie, Silvia, Tara

~ Sil, Gie, Tar ~

A great Saturday with 3 gorgeous girl. Very hot day but with rain, what a weird weather.. humph...

Meeting up at National ac of Singapore, let the ladies get their makeups and costume done and off we go to the locker and then to fort canning....

Its a great day and a fun day catching up with friends and having fun.



Friday, January 22, 2010

1st Photoshoot

~ Ms T ~

Had my 1st Portrait Photography with my friend as model.

It is really not easy to take picture and styling together.. Tiring, but it’s worth it when u get the result of the picture..



Ms. W

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hectic Days

Days had been so hectic lately, been trying to do my final project management proposal and attending my Part-Time Certificate course on Visual Communication.
Those 2 things that i do lately takes up almost all my time.

Promise to go out of house soon, and bring stories or information on interesting makan place or nice pictures for you to enjoy.

Be Patience...


Ms. W